Campus progress

This is a summary of the goals and metrics for the campus strategic plan. Historical metrics data and targets for 2016 are provided in both a data visualization format (dashboards) and in a traditional tabular format. Data for each college/school is also provided, where applicable.

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Goals Metrics

1. Foster scholarship, discovery and innovation.
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Number of tenure system faculty (headcount)
Percentage of tenure system faculty from under-represented groups
Sponsored research expenditures ($ thousands)
Sponsored research expenditures per faculty member
Total research and development expenditures ($ thousands)
Number of startup companies
Revenue from patents and licenses ($ millions)
Number of corporations with active contracts
Total number of active contracts with corporations
Number of grants from private foundations*
Dollar value of grants from private foundations*
Number of invited performances/exhibits in high-quality venues*
Number of editorial board members*
Number of major external awards*

2. Provide transformative learning experiences.
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Four-year graduation rate
Six-year graduation rate
Four-year graduation rate of under-represented groups
Six-year graduation rate of under-represented groups
Graduation rate for transfer students
Freshman-to-sophomore retention rate
Percentage of under-represented students-master's
Percentage of under-represented students-professional
Percentage of under-represented academic professionalsa
Percentage of under-represented civil service staff
Entering freshmen ACT/SAT average compositer score
Selectivity (accepted/applied)
Freshman yield
Average undergraduate terms to a degree
Average doctoral terms to a degree
Student placement
Student-to-faculty ratio
Instructional units per faculty
Percentage of undergraduate students with research experience
Percentage of undergraduate students with international experience
Percentage of instructional units from online courses
Undergraduate scholarship and grant dollars awarded: institutional and gift funds ($ thousands)
Percentage of courses taken online by students*
Percentage of students participating in leadership courses/experiences*

3. Make a significant and visible societal impact.
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National academies membership
Total disclosures of inventions
Media hits (NYT, Chicago Tribune)
Percentage of sponsored research expenditures from foundations and corporations*
Number of public engagement activities*
Number of individuals serving on foundation and corporate boards, federal and state advisory boards*
Student and alumni visibility (e.g. key awards and impacts on society)*
Alumni feedback survey results*

4. Steward Current resources and Generate Additional Resources for Strategic Investment.
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Total tuition dollars ($ thousands)
Dollars generated from self-supported and cost-recovery academic programs ($ thousands)
Number of budget deficits
Dollar value of budget deficits ($ thousands)
Private support (cash; $ thousands)
Alumni giving participation rate (percentage)
Number of new donors
Number of major gift prospective donors under management
Number of principal gifts ($5 million and above)
Number of major gift proposals ($100,000 and above)
Number of Chancellor Circle donors
Dollar value of deferred maintenance ($ thousands)
Energy expenses ($ thousands)
Dollars invested in captial projects (non-auxiliary units)*