Goals and Metrics: College of Applied Health Sciences (AHS)

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for AHS.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics
1. Provide national leadership in all AHS disciplines and interdisciplinary research, education and outreach on health, aging and disability
  • Enhance communications and IT infrastructure
  • Increase faculty FTE
  • Continue to invest in faculty mentoring
  • Enhance College infrastructure for research grant activities
  • Establish Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education
National rankings
# Nat'l academy or highest designation honorary societies within discipline
# tenure track faculty (head count)
# endowed professorships
GC Expenditures/FTE
% faculty as PI
# of patents, disclosures, & licenses
# of faculty at senior rank
2. Strengthen education and academic excellence.
  • Enhance undergraduate experiences
  • Enhance recruiting efforts
  • Strengthen Mannie Jackson I-LEAP program
  • Enhance AHS doctoral programs
  • Create opportunities for study abroad
  • Expand online instructional offerings
  • Maintain campus leadership role in recruitment and retention of students from URM
Undergraduate student/faculty ratio
Student quality (HS rank)
% undergraduate students with research experience
% ugrad. students with internship or practicum
% of students with study abroad experience
# of students designated as James Scholar
# students enrolled in RST online Master's program
# of students enrolled in MPH program
# of doctoral students
# students in undergraduate Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Student /advising staff ratio
Freshman retention rate
# undergraduate and graduate students in AHS programs(on-campus majors)
% underrepresented undergraduate students in AHS
Total $ for AHS scholarships (in $1000)
# endowed student fellowships
# of undergraduate students receiving AHS scholarships
Amount of an individual AHS scholarship
3. Increase and improve facilities
  • Plan Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education
  • Renovate AHS facilities
Cumulative # of sq. feet renovated since 2007
Cumulative # of sq. feet of new space since 2007
Cumulative reduction in # of sq. ft. not ADA Accessible
4. Overall college metrics
    Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
    Academic Profnl % Undrrp
    Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
    Total tuition dollars (000)
    Self-sup/CR acad pgms (000)
    Number of budget deficits
    Budget deficits (000)
    Sponsored Project $(000)
    Sponsored $/FTE Fac (000)
    Cash giving $000
    # new donors
    # major gift prospct donor
    # principal gifts (>=5M)
    # maj gift prpsls (>=100K)
    % Underrep Grad students
    New Freshman ACT Comp
    All Advisees /Faculty FTE
    Four-year graduation rate
    4 yr Grad rate: underrep
    Six-year graduation rate
    6 yr Grad rate: underrep
    Transfer graduation rate
    Bachelor terms to degree
    Doctoral terms to degree
    Study Abroad Participtn Rate
    % FT work or grad school
    % Tot IUs offered online
    Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
    % Courses Taken Online
    UG Schlrshp & Grant Awd $000