Goals and Metrics: College of Fine and Applied Arts

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for the College of Fine and Applied Arts.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. Expand faculty excellence in all programs, and strengthen both disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and teaching

  • Revisit and revise promotion tenure procedures to clarify criteria and create more uniform procedures across FAA

  • Develop metrics for assessing the quality and impact of creative artistry

  • Expand areas of multi-disciplinary collaborations and offerings while maintaining disciplinary strength and accreditation standards

  • Expand offerings to non-arts majors across campus
Faculty Retained
% success in excellence hires
Hiring success rate
% success in TOP hires
Promotions interdisc faculty
Quality of teaching by faculty
Sponsored Project $
Sponsored $/FTE Fac

2. Create exemplary facilities for all programs

  • Create a comprehensive long-term facilities master plan with F&S, with strategic initiatives for each unit

  • Strategically invest in facilities that address immediate and short term needs in the college, addressing physical structures, program logistics, as well as classroom and performance technological shortcomings

Quality of labs and classrooms
Total Net Assignable Sq Ft
Staff thermal comfort
Total square feet

3. Develop metrics for assessing the quality and impact of creative artistry

  • Develop faculty hiring plans to include the targeting of potential faculty with expertise in new media and innovative use of technology in the arts. Explore the utilization of Faculty Excellence hiring program and/or potential collaboration with other units as a clust

  • Build new media initiatives into curricula innovation and development

Students in Arts & Tech. Courses
Collaborations w CS, NCSA, LAS
Informatics Minors

4. Expand programs in energy, water, & sustainability

  • Increase the number of courses offered in FAA in energy, water and sustainability issues.

  • Increase the research activity in energy, water, and sustainability areas

  • Strategically recruit faculty to help expand our sustainability and energy offerings. Leverage broader cluster hiring under the Visioning Future Excellence Initiative.

  • Realize synergies between the needs and aspirations in our School of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture, and Department of Urban and Regional Planning
# of courses with EWS>50%
Funds: energy,water,sustanblty

5. Enhance teaching, creative work, and collaboration in design

  • Encourage curriculum development focused on creative work and design collaboration

Academic Profnl % Undrrp
% All seniors apprec. of arts
FAA Srs satis. w/ugrad major
Invitees-peer inst undrrp grps
% FAA seniors w/original ideas
something else again

6. Overall college metrics

  • Continue to focus on diversity as a core value of the College of Fine and Applied Arts

Freshman Retention Rate (%)
6 yr Grad rate: same coll
Six-year graduation rate
ORIGINAL Freshman Admissions
ORIGINAL Transfer Admissions
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Ten Sys Faculty % Women
% Underrep students
% Women students
All Advisees /Faculty FTE
Study Abroad Participtn Rate
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
% Fall Main Sections < 20
% Did undergrad research
Total IUs offered online
% FT work or grad school
Civil Serv Staff % Women
Academic Profnl % Women
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee
St/TuitInstrExp $/IU paid