Goals and Metrics: CITES

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for CITES.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. World-class networking to support scholarship and innovation

  • Increase campus academic and administrative space to 10 Gbps

  • Continue to provide wireless services to classroom spaces

The number of 10Gbps connections (ie, buildings, data centers, researchers)
The utilization growth of wireless with the peak concurrent wireless users

2. Reliable infrastructure and foundation for mobile services

  • Increase campus wireless coverage

  • Provide robust mobile applications to campus
% of campus academic and administrative space (measured in net assignable sq. ft.) that has wireless Internet service
Number of unique users on Illinois Compass Mobile Learn

3. Excellent foundations for campus IT services

  • 1) Pursue license consolidation across departments and campuses to decrease overall vendor product cost and/or increase product functionality
    2) Research and obtain site-licenses when cost-effective to support research, education and training of University faculty, staff and students
    3) Expand eText offerings to provide electronic textbook option to all University of Illinois students
    4) Seek out training opportunities to elevate the skill level and efficiency of University faculty, staff and students

  • Increase the adoption and usage of CITES supported EndPoint Management (EPM) services so to maintain and ease IT operational management of desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and other mobile devices that are university owned or contain university data.

  • 1) Campus participation/direction by an Executive Governance Committee for Data Center Consolidation
    2) Campus participation/operational oversight by a Data Center Shared Services Operational committee
    3) Targeted FY14 funding allocated by the Executive Governance Committee toward:
    - campus marketing, outreach and promotional materials
    - incentive programs to assist units that are transitioning to a shared data center space
    - pre provisioned data center rack space so that units can quickly move into data center shared spaces as soon as they are ready

  • Provide reliable communications infrastructure

  • Provide appropriate volumes and types of storage in support of CITES services

  • Improve access for community partners

  • Provide end user storage in the cloud.

Annual cost savings generated from CITES WebStore Services: software licensing distribution, eText and Training
Percentage of campus departments using CITES supported EPM services
Total number of active endpoints managed using CITES supported EPM services.
Number of campus units utilizing Data Center Shared spaces
Number of U's/Racks of servers/equipment housed in Shared Data Center Spaces
Reduction in the TOTAL number of campus server rooms (# of rooms and sq ft).
Current number of exchange mailboxes
Current number of messages in exchange
Minutes of voice service (12 month total)
Number of active lync users (12 month average)
Number of phone calls (12 month total)
Storage used in support of CITES Services
Number of University-related off-campus sites (campus offices) connected via UC2B
Number of student accounts in Google Apps @ Illinois
Number of U of I Box accounts

4. Support of innovation in research

  • Create an isolated research network (CARNE)
Amount of network bandwidth available to researchers (local and to external research entities)
Number of researchers making use of CARNE

5. Support of innovation in teaching

  • Increase classroom technology

  • Provide more flexible learning spaces

  • Provide flexible and reliable learning technologies
% of general assignment classrooms with digital technology in place
Number of general assignment flexible learning spaces
Number of unique student users enrolled for fall semester

6. Trusted IT leadership, collaboration, and partnership

  • Increase classroom technology

  • Provide more flexible learning spaces

  • Provide flexible and reliable learning technologies
Averaged survey responses from campus academic leaders, IT leaders, and IT technical staff.
Number of events CITES participates in that provide training and professional growth opportunities for IT staff.
Student and faculty satisfaction as measured by surveys and other data gathering exercises

7. Support of innovation in extension and outreach

  • Set up an email for life service for Illinois graduates

  • Improve access for community partners
Number of email accounts for Illinois graduates
Number of non-system affiliates

8. Inclusive work environment

  • Increase the number of women Academic Professionals

  • Increase the number Civil Service Staff from underrepresented groups

  • Crease the number of women Civil Service Staff

Academic Professionals - % from underrepresented groups
Academic Professionals - % women
Civil Service Staff - % from underrepresented groups
Civil Service Staff - % women