Goals and Metrics: Corporate Relations

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Corporate Relations.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. Increase corporate engagement, including research, targeted solutions, student support, and philanthropic funding

  • Increase corporate dollars

  • Increase number of companies

  • Focus on signature corporate engagement opportunities

  • Increase efforts toward major corporate engagement

  • Enhance efforts to engage new-to-campus companies by supporting and engaging colleges with proactive and reactive support

  • Increase international corporate engagement

  • Increase number of contracts

  • Expand corporate presence in Research Park

  • Increase companies recruiting students

  • Work with career services to engage companies that are currently only recruiting
Total corporate dollars (research, targeted solutions, astudent support, philanthropic funding)
Number of companies with active research, targeted solutions, or philanthropic funding contracts
Number of signature corporate engagement opportunities
Number of companies under OCR management
Number of participants at dean, department head, faculty level
Number of engagement opportunities pursued
Number of college interactions
Number of international companies
Number of research, targeted solutions, or philanthropic funding contracts with companies
Number of companies with new or expanded presence in the Research Park
Number of companies recruiting students
Number of companies engaging in a new or expanded relationship beyond recruiting

2. Support unit-level corporate engagement

  • Support units in creating strategic corporate engagement plans

  • Support units in developing plans for corporate visits

  • Explore opportunities with units to grow company relationships to additional units
Percentage of units with strategic corporate engagement plans
Number of corporate visits to units
Number of company relationships that expanded to additional units

3. Increase operational efficiency and establish benchmarks

  • Establish office benchmarks in areas of professional development, faculty consulting, international company engagement, student recruitment activities, etc.
Benchmarks established

4. Increase national recognition for public engagement at University of Illinois

  • Provide leadership in professional organizations (NACRO, UIDP, etc.)
Number of memberships; number of leadership roles in professional organizations