Goals and Metrics: College of Education

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Education.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics
Education Sub Goal 1.
Innovating and Continuing Excellenge in our core activities of research, teaching and service.
  • Lead a Teacher Education Redesign Process; updating curricula and aligning courses with core standard requirements
  • Review and revise graduate research specializations
  • Providing Scholarships to students studying abroad
  • Support local schools via the Center for Education in Small Urban Communities
  • Improve evaluation and assessment policy and practice through the work of CREA (Culturally Responsible Evaluation and Assessment)
  • Link research and practice in math, science and technology education via the work of MSTE
  • Conduct innovative research in education
% students w/ global experience
Local teachers in cont. education institutions
Faculty serving as Pls or Co-Pls
G&C expenditures per fac/FTE
Total external funding
2. Diversifying sources of and increasing overall operating income
  • Encourage faculty to explore non-traditional teaching
  • Rebuild Advancement Program
IUs for online courses
Tuition rev online crs
Tuition rev off-campus
G&C Pvt & Othr Exp
3. Overall college metrics % yield top grad st applicants
Freshman Retention Rate (%)
6 yr Grad rate: same coll
Six-year graduation rate
ORIGINAL Freshman Admissions
ORIGINAL Transfer Admissions
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Ten Sys Faculty % Women
% Underrep students
% International Ugrads
All Advisees /Faculty FTE
Study Abroad Participtn Rate
Total IUs offered online
% Did undergrad research
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
% Fall Main Sections < 20
Academic Profnl % Undrrp
Civil Serv Staff % Women
Academic Profnl % Women
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee
St/TuitInstrExp $/IU paid
Sponsored $/FTE Fac
Sponsored Project $
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
% Underrep Undergrads
% Underrep Grad students