Goals and Metrics: Facilities and Services

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Facilities and Services.
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Goals Metrics
1. Restore and maintain facilities for a world class university Restore bldg/grounds funding
% Reduction in DM backlog
Zero net increase in space
2. Reduce lead time to hire an A & E Reduce QBS time
Const cntr/org compl date
Reduce change orders
3. Reduce energy consumption on campus SUpdate exist. bldgs w/F&S RCx
sponsored project $000
# retro'd chem f/hoods
ECM's completed ESCO
% total enrgy consmptn reduced
4. Improve operational and physical safety on campus CATS prjcts completed
Reduce F&S comp costs
Complete parking mastr plan
5. Improve environmental sustainability # annual cleanup events
All new bldgs. LEED accredited
6. Increase diversity at F & S % minority staff at F & S
Academic Profnl % Women
Civil Serv Staff % Women
7. Reduce operational costs % cost analysis F&S bus units
Update F&S web
8. Improve general customer satisfaction Improve overall SCS survey
Present customer forums