Goals and Metrics: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS)

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The following is a summary of goals and metrics for LAS.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics
Advance academic strength through (1) a coordinated program of hiring that supports the campus' Visioning Future Excellence initiative and (2) support for improving current faculty scholarship, discovery and innovation
  • Continue and improve use of STAR Committee (large group of LAS E.O.s) to evaluate unit hiring proposals / participate in Campus Cluster Hiring Program, including synergistic hires with other colleges/institutes
  • Prioritize investing in strengthening academic units: includes conducting academic program reviews in coordination with Campus, providing grant infrastructure help to areas where need seems great (largely in social science), providing faculty development to associate professors to help with promotion in areas where needs seems great (largely Humanities), Conrad Humanities support (where used for retention of mid-career faculty)
% Hires in 6 VFE priorities
# units program review
#grant/FTE social science
% associate prof to full prof
% associate prof in tenure trk
Increase minority hiring
  • Use of TOP program with LAS additional funding, diversity STEM Post-Doc to faculty Program, partner with Chancellor's post-doc- to- faculty program
  • Discuss diversity hiring with each unit; empower pro-active EEO officer in LAS
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Advance a comprehensive initiative focused on undergraduate students' experience to create greatly increased educational value
  • Promote novel interdisciplinary programs to enhance understanding of complex societal problems
  • Promote more active learning and accessibility of courses: fully implement "Top 10" initiative targeting active learning in large enrollment freshmen-oriented classes;
  • Increase online courses and enrollments, including increased accessibility allowing for less delay in completion
  • Expand Integrative and Co-Curricula Learning Experiences: Internships / capstone courses/service learning/field work/undergraduate research; Integrate global perspective within our learning environments
  • Embrace and enhance diversity and access by increasing URM and need-based student recruitment and advising, need-based scholarships (Lincoln Hall Scholars), and retention
Minors awarded
Four-year graduation rate
4 yr Grad rate: same coll
4 yr Grad rate: other coll
4 yr Grad rate: underrep
4 yr Grad rate: men
4 yr Grad rate: women
Five-year graduation rate
5 yr Grad rate: same coll
5 yr Grad rate: other coll
5 yr Grad rate: underrep
5 yr Grad rate: men
5 yr Grad rate: women
Six-year graduation rate
6 yr Grad rate: same coll
6 yr Grad rate: other coll
6 yr Grad rate: underrep
6 yr Grad rate: men
6 yr Grad rate: women
Transfer graduation rate
Xfer Grad rate: same coll
Xfer Grad rate: other coll
Xfer Grad rate: underrep
Xfer Grad rate: men
Xfer Grad rate: women
% Did undergrad research
Study Abroad Participtn Rate
% Fresh retained: underrep
# grant apps social sci/FTE
# faculty affiliated Rsrch Inst
Promote interdisciplinary research to support VFE themes
  • Promote campus research visions for interdisciplinary research, including health and wellness, sustainability, and humanities and support to improve social sciences, particularly for interdisciplinary research
Improve College communication efforts
  • Improve LAS website, help departments improve their websites, newsletters, alumni relations
  • Expand opportunities for sharing information about our College (i.e. LAS Gallery of Excellence)
# visits LAS website
# dept with newsletters
# website views
# social networking followers
# people recevng e-newsletter
# media interactions social sci
Generate additional resources for strategic investment
  • Promote self-supporting and online programs
  • Implement accountability metrics for development officers in conjunction with campus advancement and UIF; work with units to improve development through annual meetings between departments and college advancement office
  • Major effort for capital projects sequencing and fundraising, given LAS facilities' renovation and repair needs
% Courses Taken Online
# new visits
# Lincoln Hall Scholars
#feasibility studies
$ raised
Overall college metrics   # visits LAS website
$ raised
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$ raised
$ raised
$ raised
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