Goals and Metrics: School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER)

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for LER.
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Goals Metrics
1. Sustain research excellence; increase sponsored research
& visibility/impact of research
# cross-disciplin. resrch team
# sponsor resrch-projects fund
# fac promoted to tenure
# publications/presentations
# sponsor monographs/testimony
Sponsored $/FTE Fac
2. Ensure the continued premier status of the HRIR Master's degree Enrollment in master's program
% underrep. enrollment in MS
% of female enrollment
% out-of-state enrollment MS
% internatnl enrollment in MS
# sponsored fellowships
Revenue generated from MS
# org. recruiting MS students
MS intershp placement/employer
Placement rates MS internships
MS placemnt rates to full-time
MS salary to full-time
MS internatnl placement rates
MS women placement rates
Alumni giving rate
3. Enhance curriculum, publications and placement for HRIR Doctoral students Doctoral program enrollment
% underrep. in doctoral
% female in doctoral
% international in doctoral
Pass rate for doctoral exam
Time to doctoral (years)
Placement rates for doctoral
Placement rates research
Placement rates non-research
Placement rates non-academic
# awards/honors by alumni
4. Solidify and advance Labor Education Program (LEP) initiatives # non-credit outreach courses
Revenue union consult projcts
# credit courses
Revenue credit courses
# conferences/workshops
Enrollmnt conferences/workshps
Revenue conferences/workshops
Revenue research projects
Non-credit crs - # unions
Non-credit crs - # orgs.
Non-credit crs - # students.
Non-credit crs - % female enr.
Non-credit crs -% underrep enr
Credit crs - # unions
Credit crs - # orgs.
Credit crs - # students
Credit crs - % female enr.
Credit crs -% underrep enr.
Union stud.-# stewards taught
Union stud.-# officers
Union stud.-# apprentices
Union stud.-# adjunct fac
# articles under review
# published articles
# invited presentations
# fac cited by media
# coll. bargaining training
5 .Solidify and advance Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) # corporate partners
Revenue in program. activities
# new CHRM research projects
# completed sponosored resrch
# in HR Excellence program
# journal articles w/CHRM $
# working papers
6. Overall college metrics # sponsored student prjcts
# of students
# fac serving faculty leads
# enrolled in the Plus courses
# single point lessons
# publications/presentations
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Ten Sys Faculty % Women
% Underrep students
% Women students
Academic Profnl % Undrrp
Academic Profnl % Women
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
Civil Serv Staff % Women
St/TuitInstrExp $/IU paid
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
Total IUs offered online