Goals and Metrics: College of Media

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Media.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. Enhance undergraduate education experience

  • Explore College core curriculum

  • Revise AgComm major curriculum

  • Explore new certificate programs, joint degrees

  • Develop global experiences in China and India

  • Strengthen multi-disciplinary and diverse faculty

  • Build scholarship dollars

  • Create more H.S. programs for recruitment

  • Sustain quality of advising and student services

  • Develop sustainable assessment plans

  • Be deliberate about agile and relevant curriculum

  • Increase internship opportunities

  • Increase industry recruitment

  • Reevaluate and revise MACS curriculum

  • Improve industry opportunities for students

  • Develop educational workshops for students

  • Increase majors in Journalism and MACS
% Underrep Undergrads
Honors students
Ratio tenure fac to undergrad
Students winning pro competition
Students/advisers - goal: <300:1
UG Schlrshp & Grant Awd $000
Study Abroad Participtn Rate
% Did undergrad research
Freshman retention rate (%)
Six-year graduation rate
6 yr Grad rate: underrep
% FT work or grad school
% Fall main sections < 20
Transfer graduation rate
% TOT New Frsh Appl Admt
Tenure Sys Fac Headcount
Ten Sys Faculty % Underrp
Academic Profnl % Underrp
Civil Svc Staff % Underrp
% Courses taken online
Job Placements
Number of student services contacts
International students
Bachelor terms to degree
New Freshman ACT Comp
TOT New Frsh Yield %
Four-year graduation rate
4 yr Grad rate: underrep
All Advisees/Faculty FTE

2. Transform graduate education

  • Make PhD a cornerstone of the College with recruitment for all departments

  • Reposition PhD as multi-disciplinary and less critical cultural

  • Revise doctoral cirriculum to add rigor and specialities

  • Track graduate student placement

  • Revise journalism master's degree program to be self-supporting and tuition generating

  • Research and develop joint degree programs
PhD students awarded fellowship
PhD students awards/honors
Grad students awards/honors
Grad students with assistantship
Cost of Grad assistantship
PhD recruit 3 yr fund commit
Doctoral/Grad II
Doctoral terms to degree
Masters/Grad I
Grad applications
Graduate admissions
% Underrep Grad students

3. Build Leadership in Scholarship

  • Develop process for grant writing assistance

  • Recruit senior faculty with strong scholarly credentials

  • Find funding for Emerging Media Network

  • Reenvision ICR as a truly interdisciplinary research center

  • Hire new director of ICR
Research & Dvlpmnt Exp (000)
Sponsored Project $ (000)
Sponsored $/FTE Fac (000)
ICR generated

4. Create a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship

  • Expand computational advertising opportunities

  • Integrate students within IPM

  • Attract industry partners for Emerging Media Network

  • Create additional professional or academic workshops

  • Align industry with class projects

  • Engage industry with assessments

Joint degrees
Certificate programs
Self-supporting programs dollars
Joint research proposals
Joint research grants
Industry partnerships
Campus partnerships
Academic partnerships

5. Enhance Financial Sustainability

  • Increase majors in MACS and Journalism

  • Increase IU delivery in Journalism and AgComm

  • Build a culture and a process for sponsored research

  • Increase ICR dollars

  • Build College endowments

  • Increase online opportunities

  • Develop additional revenue generating programs in College
% Tot IUs offered online
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
Total tuition dollars (000)
Self-sup/CR acad pgms (000)
Number of budget deficits
Budget deficits (000)
Private support $000
# new donors
# major gift prospct donor
# principal gifts (>=5M)
# maj gift prpsls (>=100K)
# Chancellor Circle donors
On campus IUs

6. Overall college metrics

  Ten Sys Faculty % Women
Academic Profnl % Women
Ratio tenure to non-tenure
Civil Serv Staff % Women
St/TuitInstrExp $/IU paid
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee