Goals and Metrics: National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for NCSA.
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Goals Metrics
1. Recognized as an effective leading supercomputing center of the 21st Century HPC Resources - compute
HPC Resources - data
National users
UIUC users
2. Contribute to UIUC's leadership in interdisciplinary initiatives Cyberenvironment communities
# of UIUC partnerships
External acad partnerships
Ext. partnerships - Industry
Conferences/workshops hosted
Software packages released
Publications per PI FTE
# Products-key public venues
# Viewers/audience/attendance
# Media hits
Academic Profnl % Women
Civil Serv Staff % Women
Academic Profnl % Undrrp
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
Patents issued
Licenses and options
Sponsored $/FTE Fac