Goals and Metrics: Public Engagement

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Public Engagement.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. Provide leadership opportunities to students in Public Engagement

  • Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement

  • Student Fellows

  • CU Volunteer

  • Community and Campus Day of Service
Number of nominations
Number of fellows funded
Number of volunteer accounts
Number of organizational accounts
Units participating per year
Number of participants

2. Connect the campus and the community

  • PE Portal

  • CCFD

  • Youth Programming

  • Public Engagement Communications (FB, Listserv)

  • MLK Celebration

  • Money Smart Week
Number of unique entries
Number of donors
Number of events
Number of facebook followers
Number of listserv members
Number of events
Number of attendees

3. Strengthen culture of public engagement across campus

  • Campus Award for Excellence in Public Engagement

  • Public Engagement Grants

  • Symposium

  • Public Engagement Colloquium

  • Sesquicentennial (2017)
Number of nominations
Number of grants funded
Number of attendees
Units represented
Number of attendees
Number of programs planned

4. Maximize institutional impact in shaping public policy

  • Faculty participation in conferences and workshops
Number of events with Illinois participation
Number of faculty participating

5. National recognition for public engagement at University of Illinois

  • Participate in APLU Meetings/Events

  • Collaborate with CIC universities

  • Magrath Awards

  • something
Number of meetings/events attended
Number of presentations given
Number of events participated in
Number of proposals submitted