Goals and Metrics: Public Affairs

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Public Affairs.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. Maintain and build a consistent, nationally recognized identity

  • Develop marketing campaign for Chicago

  • Provide professional graphic design for campus units

  • Create/provide campus-level collateral
Number of executions in metro area
# Creative Services projects
Campus collateral utilization

2. Provide central communications & marketing resources that enable units to fulfill their core missions

  • Increase revenue stream to provide additional and improved services for campus

  • Provide professional photography for campus use

  • Encourage professional development for constituents

  • Develop/offer broad-ranging resources for campus
Dollars generated
# of images in database
# of image downloads
# Campus Communications Council members
# Web Services workshops held
Brand U communications professionals conference attendance
Attendance at Web Services workshops
# of new resources developed
# fulfillments for Illinois-in-a-box
Dollars saved via Webtools
Minutes of campus programming aired on UI-7
Minutes of student programming aired on UI-7

3. Build a national reputation as the pre-eminent public research university

  • Generate public-facing content

  • Provide/maintain illinois.edu

  • Support campus strategic goals, Visioning Future Excellence

  • Offer video production at the campus level, as well as to units

  • Promote research initiatives

  • Deliver timely and relevant content to a national audience

  • Engage alumni via eNewsletter

  • Develop quality, non-athletic programming for the Big Ten Network

  • Support Chancellor/Provost efforts
# News Bureau stories created
# homepage views
# of slideshow features
# of feature stories created
Minutes of original videos created
# hits to News Bureau web pages
# of A-Minute-With page views
@Illinois issues deliveries
Big Ten Network minutes created
# of Big Ten Network programs created
# of speeches