Goals and Metrics: School of Social Work

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for Social Work.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics

1. To have an MSW program nationally-recognized for its preparation of social workers for evidence-based practice in specialized fields and for leadership

  • We are enhancing the quality of teaching (in-service education and one to one support) for tenure, tenure track, clinical, and adjunct faculty.

  • We are utilizing assessment of student competencies for continuous program improvement.

  • We are establishing a Community Learning Lab linking practical service learning needs of students with agencies needing their skills.

Fellowships awarded
Fellowships accepted
Licensure exam success %
% Male enrollment
MSW Yield rate %
% Underrep. MSW students
% Employed within 6 mos.
Masters degrees granted

2. To enhance the excellence of the doctoral program by becoming national leaders in educating students for the application of multidisciplinary approaches and mixed methodologies to address critical societal issues.

  • We have begun an annual informational meeting with MSW students who are identified as potential candidates for our PhD Program to strengthen the recruitment of PhD minority applicants.

  • We have initiated a new brownbag series, "Meeting with faculty", to improve the mentoring of our PhD students.
Doctoral terms to degree
PhD applicants
% Intl PhD students
University placements
# research univ placements
International placements
Yield rate % for PhD
Doctoral Degrees
Cohort retention rate %
Refereed journal articles
Conference presentations
# Grant applications submitted
% minority PD students- U.S.

3. Advancing Research in Social Work

  • We are participating in campus health and behaviorial/social science initiatives.

  • We are developing Social Innovation with other colleges at Illinois to address VFE social grand challenges.

  • We continue to enhance out research support structure through the addition of Associate Dean for Research and Director of Research Development positions.

  • Researchers in the Children and Family Research Center are working with the new Director of Research Development position to locate and apply for federal and private foundation grant opportunities.
Proposals submitted
Proposals funded
Conference presentations
Sponsored research expenditures ($ thousands)
Sponsored research expenditures per faculty member
Total research and development expenditures ($ thousands)
Number of grants from private foundations
Dollars of grants from private foundations
G&C federal expenditures ($ thousands)
G&C Illinois expenditures ($ thousands)
Percent of sponsored research expenditures from foundations and corporations

4. Addressing Critical Issues in Child Welfare initiative

  • We have developed a small funded grant writing program that allows Researchers in the Children and Family Research Center to devote time to seek out and apply for grant opportunities which has resulted in an increase number of grants being submitted and funded.

  • We have increased conference support going to Researchers in the Children and Family Research Center in order to increase the dissemination of research to a diverse set of audiences.
# proposals submitted
Conference presentations
# proposals funded
Journal publications
Total grant expenditure $
Federal grant expenditure $
State grant expenditure $
Private grant expenditure $
Campus grant expenditure $
Legislative and research reports

5. To have a BSW program nationally recognized for its preparation of social workers

  • We are enhancing the quality of teaching by providing support (in-service education and one to one coaching) for tenure, tenure track, clinical, and adjunct faculty.

  • We are requiring students demonstrate competency in social work theory, practice, policy, and research as defined by the Council on Social Work Education.

  • We have established a Community Learning Lab to provide students with opportunities to apply course content to real world problems.
% Underrepresented Undergrads
% Male Undergrads
% Transfer Undergrads
BSW final field evaluation scores
Four-year graduation rate
Six-year graduation rate
Four-year graduation rate of underrepresented groups
Six-year graduation rate of underrepresented groups
Graduation rate for transfer students
Freshman to sophomore retention rate
Percentage of underrepresented students- UG
Entering freshman ACT/SAT average composite score
Selectivity (accepted/applied)
Freshman Yield
Average undergraduate terms to a degree
Percentage of undergraduate students with a research experience
Percentage of undergraduate students with an international experience

6. Overall college metrics

Peer refereed journal publctns
Campus grant expenditure $
# in leadership positions
G&C Illinois Exp
G&C Pvt & Othr Exp
Sponsored Project $
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Academic Profnl % Undrrp
G&C Federal Exp
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
Sponsored $/FTE Fac
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee
State/Tuit Exp $/advisee
Ten Sys Faculty % Women
Civil Serv Staff % Women
Academic Profnl % Women
Total IUs offered online
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
Grad & Prof /Faculty FTE
% Women students
% Underrep students
Number of tenure system faculty (headcount)
Percentage of tenure system faculty from underrepresented groups
Number of invited performances/ exhibits in high quality venues
Percentage of underrepresented students- professional
Percentage of Academic professionals from underrepresented groups
Percentage of Civil Service staff from underrepresented groups
Student placement
student-to-faculty ratio
Instructional units per faculty
Percentage of instructional units from online courses
Total tuition dollars ($000)
Dollars generated from self-supported and cost recovery academic programs ($000)
Number of budget deficits
Dollar value of budget deficits
Private support (cash; $ thousands)
Number of new doors
Number of major gifts prospective donors under management
Number of principle gifts ($5 million and above)
Number of major gift proposals ($1,000 and above)
Number of Chancellor Circle level donors