Goals and Metrics: College of Veterinary Medicine

Criteria Evaluation

The following is a summary of goals and metrics for VETMED.
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Goals Initiatives Metrics
1. World-class education initiative
  • College Courses, Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (CCCEPC) and Academic and Student Affairs (ASA) completing comprehensive assessment of the Illinois Integrated Veterinary Professional Curriculum (IIVPC).
  • Continuously evolve the Clinical Skills Learning Center by advancing simulated learning systems.
DVM app-total applications
DVM app-minority applications
DVM 1styr-Avg overall GPA
DVM stdt-% minority enrolled
DVM stdt-attrition hdct
DVM stdt-% employed post DVM
DVM stdt-% NAVLE pass rate
Master Degrees
Natl rank state$/DVM student
T&F-Natl rank resident
Doctoral Degrees
T&F-Natl rank nonresident
# DVM stdt-dual/joint degree
On-campus graduate students
All stdts in research exp
2. World-class research initiative
  • Identify college-wide signature research initiatives that align with University initiatives and differentiate the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine from peer organizations.
  • Develop a long range college-wide strategic manpower plan that enables strategic research initiatives and links to clinical medicine and academic excellence goals.
  • Restructure the Grants and Contracts Office to support all pre- and post- award research activities.
  • Create a vision and implementation plan to integrate and demonstrate excellence in college graduate studies.
RES-Natl rank res expend
Sponsored Project $
Sponsored $/FTE Fac
3. World-class veterinary service initiative
  • Develop CVM's entrepreneurial capacity to secure new sources of revenue and access to technology and resources integral to delivery of signature clinical medicine programs.
  • Finalize future vision for the Chicago Center for Veterinary Medicine (CCVM).
  • Leverage The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL) to expand the college's entrepreneurial capacity and enrich research, discovery and stakeholder relationships.
  • Redesign the primary care experiential learning and care delivery model to expose students to an innovative primary care practice that embraces prevention, wellness and holistic health maintenance.
  • Design and implement a critical care and emergency service that supports the college's goal to deliver outstanding clinical medicine and train tomorrow's outstanding veterinarians.
VDL Caseload
CCVM-Furnetic Caseload
VTH self-support income
VDL self-support income
CCVM self-support inc
Chicago-student rotations
Participants in Outreach progs
Outreach progs-veterinarians
Outreach progs-public
4. World-class stewardship initiative
  • Engage all constituents in the development of a compelling and consensus vision statement for the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Re-engineer the College's human resource function office to focus on people, organizational development, and the pursuit of an aligned, engaged community.
  • Develop compelling measureable strategic plans around: People Development and Diversity, Advancement, Technology and Information Systems, and Facilities.
Reinvest physical plant
Continuous invest in Info Tech
5. Overall college metrics FTE-ten & clin fac all$+LC888
FTE-tenure fac all$+LC888
FTE-clinical fac all$+LC888
HDCT-ten & clin fac all$+LC888
MINOR-Ten&clin fac-%of total
FEMALE-Ten&clin fac-%of total
VTH$/FTE ten&clin fac
VDL$/FTE ten&clin fac
CCVM$/FTE ten&clin fac
Paid IUs/FTE ten&clin fac all$
Paid IUs/Faculty FTE
Ten Sys Faculty % Undrrp
Ten Sys Faculty % Women
% Underrep students
% Women students
Academic Profnl % Undrrp
Academic Profnl % Women
Civil Svc Staff % Undrrp
Civil Serv Staff % Women
St/TuitInstrExp $/advisee
St/TuitInstrExp $/IU paid